About the Project

Competitive Programming Hall Of Fame is a project created to preserve the history of international championships in competitive programming. This website collects the results of final stages for both worldwide and regional contests. By international championship we mean a contest consisting of several stages available for competitors from more than one country.

The project is mostly focused on worldwide contests that have onsite finals, and on smaller championships with no more than 100 finalists. For each of the participants there is a profile page with a timeline and track record of their performance in various final events.

We divide all championships into 5 categories:

  • Worldwide Onsite Competitions — major championships for participants from all over the world that have onsite finals, travel reimbursement for finalists, and no restrictions except for legal ones, like age 18+ for finalists, prohibited for participants from sanctioned countries, etc. Championship with online finals can fall into this category only if it was held online instead of onsite due to COVID-19.
  • Worldwide High School and Collegiate Onsites — same as above, but with additional requirements for participants to be high school or college students and/or to be under a certain age. Some examples are IOI, ICPC, TopCoder Collegiate Contest, VK Cup 2012.
  • Worldwide Online Championships — competitions that could fall into one of the categories above, but have either online-only final stage or parallel online and onsite finals with no travel reimbursement.
  • Regional Contests — onsite and online competitions that restrict participants to be from a certain list of countries directly or indirectly (like lack of English statements or tight limit on travel reimbursement amount in case of onsite finals). Contests that have different limits on the number of local and international finalists, like Bayan Programming Contest and CodeChef SnackDown, also fall into this category.
  • Local Contests — championships that have onsite finals, but don't provide travel reimbursement for international (or all) finalists.

The same competition may change its category or even its international championship status from one year to another in case its rules are changing correspondingly.

We express appreciation to Clist, Codeforces, IOI Statistics website, kostka.dev, Snarknews, zibada.guru and other resources that share our mission to preserve the history of competitive programming contests. Without them our website couldn't have as much detailed data as it has today.

Thank you for visiting Competitive Programming Hall of Fame! We encourage you to spread the word about this website, and to use its materials in your blogs, video streams, and social pages. Also, you can learn the ways to contribute to this project to make it even better here.