Latest Contests
Nov. 19, 2021Topcoder Open 2021 Algorithm Online
Nov. 13, 2021Topcoder Open 2021 Marathon Online
Oct. 5, 2021ICPC 2020 World Finals Moscow
Sept. 30, 2021ICPC 2020 WF Invitational Online
Aug. 22, 2021VK Cup 2021 Engine Online
Aug. 7, 2021Google Code Jam 2021 Online
June 25, 2021IOI 2021 Online
About the Project

Competitive Programming Hall Of Fame is a project created to preserve the history of international championships in competitive programming. This website collects the results of final stages for both worldwide and regional contests. By international championship we mean a contest consisting of several stages available for competitors from more than one country.

The project is mostly focused on worldwide contests that have onsite finals, and on smaller championships with no more than 100 finalists. For each of the participants there is a profile page with a timeline and track record of their performance in various final events.