Finalists of AtCoder World Tour Finals 2024

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Country Name AtCoder RatingCF RatingOnsites BeforeBest Place BeforeComment
Chinazhoukangyang364035731 9th place (2023)
PolandStonefeang347935421 17th place (2023)
United Statesecnerwala362635841 14th place (2023)
Belarustourist379838032Bronze medal 3rd place (2023)
Japanheno239337729471 7th place (2023) Interview Link
Canadaksun48372434132Silver medal 2nd place (2023)
Chinajiangly353737071Gold medal 1st place (2023)
Chinacsy2005341135690 Can't visit onsite finals
Chinaapiad359935322Gold medal 1st place (2019)
Netherlandsendagorion341528231 13rd place (2023)
Japannoshi91315727030Interview Link
UkraineUm_nik356433202 5th place (2019) Interview Link